I just recently booked a short tour with this company and it was amazing! We went to Wayand and stayed at the Jungel Resort. David was so kind and had a lot of knowledge about wayanad. It was lovely to get some historic background while driving through it. We stopped at a coffee day (coffee place) and just had some coffee and talked. There were a few others on the tour. As we traveled to our destination we stopped and fed some wild monkies! How cool! And one jumped on my window which makes for an awesome story. Also the resort that we went to was so amazing! We got to see wild elephants and track a tiger in the jungle! It was fantastically adventurous! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone! Especially if your looking for a great tour guide and some adventure. My experience was one i’ll never forget!

Thanks to Common Grounds.
-Melissa 2013

I have recently returned from two weeks in India, a highlight of which was a stay at jungle retreat in Wayanad, organised by common grounds travel.

What a fantastic example of the benefits of having a tour organiser based in the locality. Not sure how common grounds travel found this place but what a find. If you want an authentic jungle experience as opposed to a sanitized tourist option then this is for you. Anil (Jungle Retreat) has a property that literally has elephants and tigers roaming through it at will. On the night drive we got to see wild elephants roaming through the jungle feeding. The morning trek by foot was truly terrifying as we followed the pub marks of a tiger and her 6 month old cub, attempting to hunt a spotted deer, then going to an old kill (which we were close enough to smell). At one point I wasn’t sure if we were following or being followed. Anil promised to keep us safe and he did. A perfect example how man and the wild can coexist. Value for money was incredible with 2 jungle treks, overnight accommodation and 3 meals all for under £50, and of course our guides stories were riveting and memorable. Wayanad is a 3 hour drive from Calicut, but the drive, as is any in India, is entertaining in itself, passing coffee and tea plantations taking in mountain roads with great views and monkeys to feed. Dave’s knowledge of the local culture and history ensured this was not wasted time, and of course the stops at coffee day (Indias Starbucks) helped. All in all a fantastic time.

Raymond. 2013

Joy and his family were amazing. The meals we had were enormous and delicious. Ben and I both enjoyed sitting around the dinner table chatting about their lives. Angelo was also a great host! Even though his mother was sick at the time, they took really good care of us. The room we stayed in was luxury by India standards, but still had the rustic Home-stay feel. His house is beautiful and typical Kerala style. We really felt at ease and at home in their homes, which is great. An unexpected highlight was Angelo taking us around his garden one morning, showing all the crops and fruit trees. His son, Roshan, also showed us around his farm fields one morning, we even went out to visit where his workers live, really had a rural tribe feel…great experience. Joy was great at organising things for us to do.

Ben and Josh 2012