Wedged between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats in South India, Kerala is blessed with outstanding natural beauty. With palm-fringed beaches, misty hill stations, tropical rainforests, tranquil backwaters and more coconut palms than people, it is little wonder that it is referred to as ‘God’s own country’.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine once named Kerala as one of the top ten ‘Paradises of the World’ and one of 50 places to see in a lifetime – we agree with them!

Land of Beauty

Kerala is a land overflowing with Beauty and experience. Kerala forms a long narrow strip down the west coast of southern India. With 38,000 KM2, Kerala is roughly about half the size of Ireland.

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The Coast

Kerala rises from the Indian ocean in the west, where you find miles upon miles of beautiful palm fringed golden beaches.Kappad Beach at Calicut / Kozhikode Landing place of Vasco de Gamma As you go inland there is richly fertile land laced with many rivers and lakes. The land is green and fertile and covered in Palm trees. Needless to say coconut features heavily in the Keralan diet! Paddy fields abound and agriculture is a plenty. You will see many oxen, ploughing fields or lazily munching on the green grass. This part of Kerala also contains the backwaters, where boats and canoes are the main form of transport.Paddy Field in North Kerala

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The Midlands 

Waterfall in the Kerala Midlands. Visit Kerala with Common Grounds Travel

As we head further east the land gently rise to form the midlands, this area contains about 40% of Kerala. A land of undulating hills and valleys, waterfalls and many bendy roads! This is an area of intensive cultivation. Cashew, coconut, arecanut, tapioca, banana and vegetables of different varieties are grown in this area. You will see acres of rubber trees, thousands of planted pineapples and millions of coconuts!

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Highlands and Hill Stations

Elephant Ride in North Kerala with Common Grounds TravelTravel further east to the edge of Kerala and you will enter the mountains, know locally as the Western Ghats. These mountains peaks and valleys, unexplored forests and hills and many more even bendier roads. The highest mountain in Kerala is 2695 metres, but the average height is around 1500 metres. The hills also contain the tea and coffee plantations and the many hill stations. Spices are grown here in abundance, from cinnamon, pepper, cardamon, ginger and many many more. This is truly the land of spice, you have arrived at the beginning of the spice trail. You can spend time with the local farmers, try picking your own coffee or tea and even enjoy elephant rides through the plantations. This area is has a much less humid climate and is cooler than the hot and sticky plains. Welcome to Paradise!

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North Kerala

Of all the areas in Kerala, the North is the most unexplored, most of the tourist trade heads South, Common Grounds would like to introduce you to the North, the golden beaches and the jungle paradise of Wayanad. Why? Well because it is so beautiful and as if we needed another reason, it is unexplored – you will not find many other tourists there. Of course we are not the average tourism company, as our core values is to be responsible, to benefit local community as well as the visiting community. So we have partnered with locals in North Kerala who will give you a fantastic time and also put something back into their community.

Common Grounds Travel provides Ethical tours of North Kerala and Wayanad. We work on the principles of learning together, treading lightly and giving back. We work with small providers and pay decent living wages to our employees. You might say that we’re a tour provider with a conscious!